Bill has written stories about travelling in the U.S., from the mountains of Montana to the swamps of Georgia, creeping through caves in California and hiking the hills of Hawaii.  Links to some of the stories below.


Klondike Gold Rush: Alaska to Yukon



SF Chronicle



Larry Baer–SF Giants CEO ProfileHiking Silicon ValleyOutdoor sports, MammothLake Tahoe in Fall

Downtown LA By Bike

Sailing SF Bay

Weekend in Santa Barbara

Yosemite in Winter

Biking Lake Tahoe

Alaska Air MagazineAlaska Airlines Magazine

Travel Guide to CA

SF Chronicle

SF Chronicle

Private Clubs Magazine

SF Chronicle

SF Chronicle Magazine

SF Chronicle

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Biking L.A.’s The Strand SF Chronicle 7/17/2011
Innovative San Jose Alaska Airline Magazine March 2011
Highway One Roadtrip AAA Via Magazine.com March  2011
AAA Road Journals Blog AAA Via Magazine.com Feb  2011
CA Sports and Outdoors 2011 CA Travel Guide March 2011
Budget Beverly Hills SF Chronicle 1/10/10
Soft Adventures in California San Diego Magazine June 2007
Cave Exploring Gold Country SF Chronicle 5/20/07
Truckee’s Hollywood History SF Chronicle 3/13/05
Bass Fishing the Borrow Pit SF Chronicle Magazine 3/9/08
Man vs. Mule in Molokai Islands Magazine April 2012
Perspectives at Pearl Harbor SF Chronicle 12/11/2011
New Orleans WWII Museum SF Chronicle 6/6/10
Five Years after Katrina SF Chronicle 8/29/10
Biking Glacier Nat’l Park Private Clubs Magazine June 2011
New Mexico
What’s the Story on Santa Fe SF Chronicle 4/18/10
Seattle Post-Intel 4/21/10
Houston Chronicle 5/13/10
Vegas AdventuresHigh Roller Ferris WheelReno Outdoors SF ChronicleYahoo.comSF Chronicle 5/2/20143/31/20146/21/09
Lake Mead Houseboating Chicago Sun Times 5/17/09
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Italy at the Venetian Hotel Coast Magazine Oct 2007