Bill Fink Travel Writing and Photography

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Some recent stories include:
Visiting Transnistria, a country that doesn’t exist: January 2018

Endless Vacation Magazine
Tahoe’s Hidden Ski Gems  December 2017

Sierra Club Magazine
Gear Review: Eco-friendly Fleece Alternatives: Jan 2018
Gear Review: The “Maximalist” Running Shoe Trend April 2017

Alaska Airlines Magazine
California Tourism–From Grapes to Space: January 2018
Biking San Jose November 2017
Skiing Squaw Valley November 2017
Hiking California’s National Parks  October, 2017

Finland’s Coffee Culture June 26, 2017

Private Clubs Magazine
Summer at Lake Tahoe June 2017
Luxury Fly Fishing in Colorado June 2017
Hiking Peru’s Sacred Valley  March, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle
Craft Distilleries of Sonoma County April 19, 2017
The Taverns of Amador County Feb 2017

Chicago Tribune
Riding at the Dude Ranch March 3, 2017
Arizona Spring Training with the Chicago Cubs  Feb 14, 2017
Skiing Canada’s Powder Highway Feb 7, 2017

Mountain Travel Sobek Blog
Solo Volcano Misadventure, Indonesia: March 13, 2017

BBC Travel
Samurai dreams in hiking Japan, Jan 2017

National Geographic Traveler Magazine
Sip Your Way Through Colombia Coffee Towns June 2016

Yahoo Travel
To Hunt or Not to Hunt  a 2016 SATW Lowell Thomas Gold Medal award-winning story

Upcoming stories:
Mammoth Lakes Outdoors: Alaska Airlines Magazine, Fishing Cabo: Private Clubs Magazine, Baseball Spring Training in Arizona: Alaska Air’s Beyond Magazine