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Recent & upcoming published stories include:

Diablo Magazine
Yosemite Winter Road Trip:         Feb 2021
Mammoth California in Winter:  Jan 2021
Best SF Bay Area Bike Rides:       Sept 2020

AARP Magazine
Yosemite: Guide to exploring Yosemite: Sept 2020
Guide to the Grand Canyon: July 2020

US National Parks Blog
Guide for RV Travel to Nat’l Parks: Sept 2020
Visiting Yosemite Like a Pro:  Oct 2020

Sierra Club Magazine
E-Biking in the National Parks: June, 2020
Biking New Zealand: Nov 2018
Gear Review: Eco-friendly Fleece Alternatives: Jan 2018
Gear Review: The “Maximalist” Running Shoe Trend April 2017

Saturday Evening Post
The Curious Saga of the Ukulele:    May 2020

Jetstar Airlines Magazine
Hawaii Adventure Travel                        March 2020
Best Beaches in Hawaii                           Feb 2020
Hiking Volcanoes Nat’l Park, Hawaii   June 2019

Alaska Airlines Magazine
Spotlight on San Jose, CA                         March 2020

Visit California 
California Road Trips guides                     Fall, 2020
Gold Country Road Trip                             July, 2020
Spring Skiing Highlights                            Feb 24, 2020
Romantic Escapes In California               Feb 11, 2020
California 2020 Visitors Guide (print)    Jan 2020
Top Museums and Art shows for 2020   Jan 10, 2020
20 Reasons to Visit California in 2020   Jan 3, 2020
Five Tips for Family Ski Vacations          Dec  11, 2019
Picking your Perfect Ski Mountain          Dec 5, 2019
Holidays at California Theme Parks        Nov 19, 2019
What’s New for California Skiing             Nov 11, 2019
11 Californian Thanksgiving Feasts          Nov 4, 2019

Travel Weekly
South Africa Hiking & Biking                   Fall 2020
Vancouver Island Adventures                  Jan 27, 2020
Slovenia Adventure Travels                      Sept 30, 2019

San Francisco Chronicle
Sonoma County’s Kala Ukulele               Oct 22, 2019
San Luis Obispo’s Tech Boom                 May 24 2019

World Nomads
Hiking St. Vincent’s La Soufriere             Dec 20, 2019

Kimkim Travel
British Columbia Travel Planning          Jan, 2020
Regional Guide to British Columbia      March, 2020

TravelAge West
Cancun’s Live Aqua Beach Resort             Sept 15, 2019
Liverpool’s Hard Day’s Night Hotel          May 22, 2019
Skiing Lake Tahoe Sidecountry                 Feb 26, 2019

Outside Magazine
Urban Hiking New York City                       August, 2019

Napa Sonoma Magazine
Napa Summer Music Scene                           March 2020
Glamping in Sonoma & Napa County         August 2019
Adventure Travel in Wine Country              June 2019
The Spirits of Sonoma                                    June 2018

Endless Vacation Magazine
How to Beat the Heat in Scottsdale, AZ       July 2019
Fishing Lake Tahoe                                          April 2019
Tahoe’s Hidden Ski Gems                               December 2017

Canadian Traveller Magazine
Music Roadtrip through Georgia, USA          July 2019

Mountain Travel Sobek Blog
Why Adventure Travel is Good for You         June 2019

Private Clubs Magazine
Riverboating Vietnam-Cambodia  June 2019

Award Winners! 2019 Society of American Travel Writers
Judged by University of Missouri School of Journalism for SATW West

- “Best North American Travel Story Gold 
The Stairways of Pittsburgh, Southwest Airlines Magazine   Oct 2018
- “Best International Travel Story  Silver
The Twilight Zone of Transnistria               Jan 2018

Los Angeles Times
Tucson’s Colossal Caves                                                            March 3, 2019
Escapes from Las Vegas                                                             Oct 28, 2018

Award Winner!  Travel Classics Competition 
Beneath the Surface: the Murals of Montreal                      Feb 2019

New Zealand Herald
Exploring Chicago’s Museums                                                 Feb 24, 2019

Alaska Airlines Magazine
San Jose: From Robots to Ramen: March 2019
Elyse Saugstad, World Champion Freeskier: February 2019
Sports Tourism:  May 2018
Mammoth Lakes Hiking: March 2018
Arizona Spring Training Baseball: March 2018
California Tourism–From Grapes to Space: January 2018
Airstream Camping in Yosemite: 2016

2019 Travel Guide to California
Sections on Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, and Summer & Winter Outdoor Adventures

Private Clubs Magazine
Sailing the BVIs post-Hurricane: January 2019
Adventure Cruise to Alaska: January 2019
Fishing in Cabo, Mexico: March 2018
Hiking Peru’s Sacred Valley  March, 2017

Mountain Travel Sobek
Hiking Japan: 50th Anniversary story series  Dec 28, 2018
Solo Volcano, Indonesia: March 13, 2017


South Florida Luxury Guide
Luxury New Zealand: May 2018

Finland’s Coffee Culture June 26, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle
Craft Distilleries of Sonoma County April 19, 2017
The Taverns of Amador County Feb 2017

Chicago Tribune
Riding at the Dude Ranch March 3, 2017
Arizona Spring Training with the Chicago Cubs  Feb 14, 2017
Skiing Canada’s Powder Highway Feb 7, 2017

BBC Travel
Samurai dreams in hiking Japan, Jan 2017

National Geographic Traveler Magazine
Sip Your Way Through Colombia Coffee Towns June 2016

Yahoo Travel
To Hunt or Not to Hunt  a 2016 SATW Lowell Thomas Gold Medal award-winning story