My Asia-Pacific stories have covered topics ranging from trash dump volleyball in Burma to luxury yachting in Tahiti, and appear regularly in the San Francisco Chronicle, Islands Magazine, and other outlets.

Insight at McDonald’s SF Chronicle 8/22/04
The Rabid Dog Volcano Tour SF Chron Magazine 10/01/07
Osaka’s Okonomiyaki Nat’l Geographic Traveler Magazine 2013
Hiking JapanTrinketology SF ChronicleIslands Magazine 1/25/2013May 2013
Finding Home in Hiroshima SF Chronicle 11/27/2011
Japanese Baseball SF Chronicle 4/15/07
Fools on Mt. Fuji Lonely Planet Aug 2005
River CruisingA Slow Train to Gokteik Private Clubs MagInt’l Railway Traveler Magazine March 2015Feb 2004
Trashdump Loincloth Volleyball SF Chronicle Magazine 3/20/05
The Flip Flop Flop SF Chronicle July 2010
Battle for a Bus Seat Islands Magazine Feb 2009
Blue List Eco Adventures Islands Magazine Dec 2007
Paradise Sustained Expat Magazine Dec 2007
Palawan Ecotourism SF Chronicle 11/18/07
PhilippineBasketball Adventure Expat Magazine Sep 2007
The Manila Trashcan Debacle SF Chronicle 3/19/06
Dunked in Manila My Philippines blog
The End of The Road Lonely Planet Sep 2006
Kids’ Activities in Sydney 6/16/09
Mermaid for Hire San Diego Magazine 12/09
Heron Island Turtle Walk Islands Magazine April 2010
Sailing Polynesia Private Clubs Mag Fall 2012
Bora Bora’s Indiana Jones Islands Magazine Feb 2012
Hiking Bora Bora                                           Tahiti’s healing hibiscus Global Traveler MagIslands Magazine July 2012                      May 2012