Gear Reviews

My gear reviews have been published in in print and online in travel magazines, newspaper sections, websites, and guidebooks.

The Points Guy
Top Travel Gear picks                              Sept 2022
Apple AirTags for luggage tracking    Aug 2022
Android AirTag alternatives                  Aug 2022
Choosing a VPN for travel                       Aug 2022
Best Summer Travel clothes                  Aug 2022

Sierra Club Magazine
Maximalist Trail Running Shoes:        April 2017
Eco-fleece alternatives:                            Sept 2017

SF Chronicle
Solo Executive Backpack:                       2/26/2015
Best of 2014 Gift Guide:                          11/29/2014
Tego Power Grid:                                       11/19/2014
Ex-Officio Jacket:                                        11/6/2014
Patagonia Nano Air Hoody:                     10/3/2014
Rotpunkt Hiking Shoes:                           9/27/2014
Anti Stinky Bag: 4/17/2014
Karma portable hotspot: 3/6/2014
Hoodiebuddie Jacket:  3/27/2014
Tern Folding Bike: 12/6/2013
Klingg Earphone Magnet: 11/18/2013
GoPro Hero3+:  10/25/2013
Delsey Helium Breeze Suitcase:  8/29/2013
Bubblebum Car Seat:  8/23/2013
Eagle Creek Rollerbag/Backpack:  8/15/2013
Phoenix Bluetooth Speaker 5/23/2013
Voyage-Air Folding Guitar: 2/1/2013
Smartwool Merinomax Mid-layer:  1/18/2013
Nikon Weatherproof Camera: 1/11/2013
Big Agnes Tent:  11/14/2012
Gore-tex Travel Shoes:  9/7/2012
Eddie Bauer Travel Pants:  8/17/2012
Sportiva Trekking Shoes: 7/27/2012
Polarmax Underwear:  7/5/2012
Tombow Travel Pen: 7/1/2012
Black Diamond Headlamp: 6/17/2012
Camera Sport Backpack:  3/30/2012
Travel Envelopes: 2/26/2012
Media backpack:  6/2/2011
Noise-reducing earbuds:  12/12/2010
Waterproof Camera: 10/24/10
Travel Soap Sheets: 6/20/10
Camera Backpack: 5/30/10
Loki fold-out Jacket:  3/28/10
Waterproof Camera Gear Bag:  8/8/10

Yahoo Travel Gear Reviews

Best Outdoor Gear for 2015: 1/28/2015
Winter Travel Gear:  12/2/2014
Fall hiking gear: 9/25/2014

Hotel/Restaurant/Bar Reviews
Top Tahoe Apres Ski Bars:       Skipress Magazine
Cognac Bar, London:                  Private Clubs Magazine
St. Martin Restaurant Guide:   French Tourism
Hotel Sofitel Cartagena:   

Port Foods Around the World:  Places Magazine (RCI Cruises)

Andy Murray’s Cromlix Hotel:   4/2/2014
New Vegas Ferris Wheel:    3/31/2014

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